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Bogolyubov The immortals Collection
Bogolyubov The immortals Collection
«The Immortals»
Dmitry Bogolyubov - «The Immortals»
«Window to Space»
Saturn Black team «Window to Space»
Postcards planets
Dmitry Bogolyubov - Planets postcards
Saturn Black team - Digital Alchemy
Saturn Black team - Digital Alchemy
Night drive | @aleha_84
Night drive | @aleha_84
Restlessperson | @Restlessperson
Restlessperson | «Signature» collection
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Digital alchemy is a conceptual series of works that reflects the transformation of matter from non-existence to form and back, as a cycle of birth, life and death of creation. The units of atoms and pixels, like artistic objects combined in dynamic three-dimensional paintings, immerse the viewer in the finer dimensions of a simple form and, as a result, other dimensions of their own consciousness.

Despite the predominance of dark colors in most works, the art of Saturn Black is created as a bridge in the flow of light, as a door out of hopelessness and completeness in the absolute. The complete Digital Alchemy series will feature six separate virtual paintings and a physical sculpture group – the seventh closing piece. The uniqueness of the collection is emphasized by the artistic combination of digital and physical materials, imbued with fundamental ideas about the Creator, the Universe and Man, as inseparable parts that are in eternal interaction.

The NFT tokenization of a limited-edition copy series, as an object of art within works, has become an inseparable part of the” Digital Alchemy”: the rarity, serialization, and form of storage of Saturn Black works in NFT, have become as much an art tool as the color, light, movement, and materials of sculptures. It is the fact of digitizing the original works that shifts the thought flow to really new phenomena and tells us:
– The world is in constant motion towards perfection. What will it be like tomorrow?


Dmitry Bogolyubov

Digital artist
Yekaterinburg, Russia


Digital artist
Alex Rybin


Pixelart artist
Moscow, Russia


NFT artist
Kiev, Ukraine

Saturn Black team

Digital Art
International squad

Iskandeor Khannanov

Musician. Violoncello. Electronics
Moscow, Russia


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