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Graphics from Saturn Black is a form of digital art, at the intersection of the physical, virtual and mental worlds, expressing the idea of a holographic similarity of the Universe. The works of a group of artists, united in a common series “Digital Alchemy”, become a kind of mental journey, through dark matter to the subtle light that sets elementary particles in motion and projects the visible world.

The traditional geometric forms that became the basis of the works of Saturn Black continue the traditions of artists, philosophers and scientists of the past, in an attempt to express the deep foundations of life in its multidimensionality, through simple and universal forms and images.

The philosophy of the presented works is succinctly expressed by the formula “black is white”, which directs the focus of consciousness to rethink the usual worldview attitudes of the individual and society.


conceptual series

Digital alchemy is a conceptual series of works that reflects the transformation of matter from non-existence to form and back, as a cycle of birth, life and death of creation. The units of atoms and pixels, like artistic objects combined in dynamic three-dimensional paintings, immerse the viewer in the finer dimensions of a simple form and, as a result, other dimensions of their own consciousness.

Despite the predominance of dark colors in most works, the art of Saturn Black is created as a bridge in the flow of light, as a door out of hopelessness and completeness in the absolute. The complete Digital Alchemy series will feature six separate virtual paintings and a physical sculpture group – the seventh closing piece. The uniqueness of the collection is emphasized by the artistic combination of digital and physical materials, imbued with fundamental ideas about the Creator, the Universe and Man, as inseparable parts that are in eternal interaction.

The NFT tokenization of a limited-edition copy series, as an object of art within works, has become an inseparable part of the” Digital Alchemy”: the rarity, serialization, and form of storage of Saturn Black works in NFT, have become as much an art tool as the color, light, movement, and materials of sculptures. It is the fact of digitizing the original works that shifts the thought flow to really new phenomena and tells us:
– The world is in constant motion towards perfection. What will it be like tomorrow?


Cover #1 Digital Alchemy

«Cover» is the 1st item in the Digital Alchemy art collection

Core #2 Digital Alchemy

«Core» is the 2nd item in the Digital Alchemy art collection. Rethinking the linearity of the flow of time.

Cube #3 Digital Alchemy

«Cube» is the 3rd item in the Digital Alchemy art collection. Multi-dimensionality in the three-dimensional.

Around #4 Digital Alchemy

«Around» is the 4th item in the Digital Alchemy art collection. Hidden in plain sight.


The path of Digital Alchemy will be passed and the black cube will reveal its essence. The metaphor of Cubes, as the Primary Elements of the Universe, permeates the concept of the «Digital Alchemy»‎ art collection with an invisible thread.

The full collection will consist of 7 NFT items, 4 of which have already been minted and the first copies of which are available for purchase at

The uniqueness and limited number of copies of Digital Alchemy items makes them the right tool for long-term asset capitalization through collectible NFT art.
After all, the history of «Digital Alchemy»‎ does not end with the release of items, but has a long-term horizon of large-scale creation of additional works, offline exhibitions and collaborations with artists of various disciplines.

«Digital Alchemy»‎ is the 1st NFT collection of contemporary art, created at the intersection of the Physical, Virtual and Mental worlds.

The authors idea

«Digital Alchemy»‎ Art Collection is the 1st collection of NFT objects that combines a series of works of art in physical, virtual and subtle-material forms, connected by a common semantic message.

◼️ «Digital Alchemical cubes»‎ in the paintings of the series, as one of the simplest geometric shapes, are the building blocks for more complex shapes, both on the physical and in the virtual and subtle mental worlds. A cube is a pixel, a quantum, an atom, or a word. This is what makes up the physical world of matter, the virtual reality of computer worlds and the mental plane of man.

The complete Digital Alchemy collection, planned for release as an NFT series, will consist of 7 core items. One of the item will be made not only in the form of NFT, but also in the form of a physical object and will become the 1st sculptural composition created specifically for NFT.

In addition to the main series, several works of «‎Alchemical Art»‎ series and accompanying media materials will be released. All this together makes a unique series of works one of a kind.

The author’s graphics in HD quality, with original musical accompaniment, combined with the increasing rarity of the items make these NFTs worthy of the best collections.

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